Government does not have a revenue problem, but a spending problem--we keep spending your money. You would have to spend $4.5M per a day, since the birth of Christ, to equal the $3.5 Trillion the federal government collects in just 1 year.  Autry supports a series of statutes and constitutional amendments which will govern how elite politicians spend taxpayer funds. Autry will propose the following laws and constitutional amendments:
A law requiring zero-based budgeting for all branches and departments of  the Federal government;
  • A law eliminating the “use it or lose it” budget provision;
  • A law which directs the entire Federal Government to use General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP);
  • A law which permits the dismissal of any federal employee without cause for a payment equal to 1 year’s salary or $200,000 whichever is less;
  • A law  requiring each agency or Federal Department to outsource the auction of any unused equipment or structures to the highest bidder;
  • A law completely eliminating unfunded state mandates;
  • A law capping the total number of federal workers, not including active or reserve military, to no more than 1.5 million; and, capping the amount of taxpayer dollars spent on wages and benefits, excluding military, direct or indirect to no more than $500 billion; (http://bit.ly/nationalreview1).
  • An amendment limiting national spending to $12K per citizen in peacetime; $24K per citizen in war time; and,
  • An amendment which ceases all current debt spending and institutes a national debt ceiling limit of  12K per citizen.  Further, excess revenue must be first used to pay down the national debt and then returned to the taxpayer.

Collectively, these laws and amendments will: (a) keep government cost low, allowing you to keep more of your money; (b) ensure government employees who refuse to serve the taxpayer maybe immediately terminated (think VA); (c) place a permanent debt ceiling cap (currently, we have a FAKE cap which Congress raises arbitrarily).  Setting fixed and hard-limits will keep your money in YOUR pocket.


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If we all stand together, we can make Texas great again.

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