Autry Pruitt Announces for Congress in TX-8

National conservative policy expert and media commentator Autry Pruitt today launched his campaign for the Republican nomination for Congress in Texas’s 8th Congressional District saying he shares the frustration of Texas voters who are disappointed with the Republican Congress.

“Watching Congress makes me sick to my stomach,” said Pruitt, an author, broadcaster and Donald Trump campaign surrogate. “For years the smartest Republicans in the room (a.k.a. Republican Congressional leadership) told us that if we gave them the House and the Senate, they would repeal Obamacare, give us real tax-reform, and take control of our massive debt. We delivered, they did not. Much like the people of the Eighth Congressional District, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and other good Texans, my family and I share the frustration of voters and we grow more frustrated everyday at their lack of resolve.”

“Many people worked incredibly hard to give the Republicans a majority. But, Obamacare is still law of the land, the government still steals your money, and America is in crisis debt territory,” said Pruitt. “The inaction of the current Republican Congressional leadership is standing in the way our pro-America agenda and that’s just all sorts of wrong.”

During the 2016 Presidential election, Pruitt took Trump’s campaign message to non-traditional audiences and helped contribute to the historic victory through his outreach to African-American audiences.

Pruitt is also the author of "Planes, Steak & Water: Defending Donald Trump," and a recognized conservative policy expert, with his writings published in The American Spectator, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, Forbes, The Hill and Townhall.


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